How to Tastefully Wear Men’s Jewelry


This isn’t quite the 80’s anymore and there seems to be a lot of stigma surrounding how a male should wear men’s jewelry in public. There is no reason for a man not to take pride in what he looks like and how he presents himself. However, tacky is just tacky for a man or a woman.

How much is too much?

The only time people don’t have anything to contribute to male jewelry is if a man is wearing a band after his wedding. No one ever really questions that particular ring unless they are asking if he is married for one reason or the other. It would appear that men that wear too much jewelry are labeled or their sexuality comes into question. Considering how much emphasis the world puts on appearance these days, men have started to consider fashion as much as women.

  • Cufflinks are still classy and received well for formal events
  • Elegant wedding bands for the office oriented types
  • Simple earring (although, it isn’t as popular as it once was)
  • Necklace or chain with a conservative size charm
  • Bracelet and chain combination
  • If a stone is present, it should be of a solid and preferably dark color
  • Family heirloom (also used as excellent conversation pieces within society)

With the small list of metals, jewels and additional pieces; there is still some refining to be done.

Coordination and presence is key

The timeless pinky ring still speaks to the presence of a powerful man. For some reason, it is seen and widely accepted as a power play. Gold with a solid color or a diamond is still seen in many situations, yet we automatically associate the look with business men or a man with above average wealth. If something is worn on the wrist and neck in combination for men’s jewelry, it should be a set and match. This applies to the type of metal, style and design of the set.

Where the rules are not followed

There are parts of the globe that prefer rope, wood, bone and other earthy type designs. These do not seem to have rules that apply. However, they are also viewed as hippy or beach bum in presence. Depending on the color of leather, it can be worn, but tends to be looked upon as a gothic, biker or Western cowboy style.

Regardless of what society will tag and brand men’s jewelrystyles with, it is important to remember, you are who you are and that is perfectly okay. We wear things to enhance our appearance for the public and personal reasons. The key to this is to know exactly what you are wearing. Although it can be taken off unlike a tattoo, researching a symbol or design should be imperative in your decision. Some symbols are offensive to others that know what it means. Choose your own look, but be cautious. The jewelry we wear will be a representation of how we want others to see us.

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