It’s a Beach Wedding! What Should I Wear?

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Destination weddings are becoming an incredibly popular phenomenon.  Families and friends all arrive at an exotic location to participate in the celebration of two becoming one.  Obviously a wedding at the beach would be one of the more popular and distinct choices for this type of festivity.  The sand, the sun, and the setting all lends itself to a beautiful backdrop for such a joyous occasion.  The decision then becomes, what to wear to a wedding at the beach.

Your first clue, about what to wear, is going to be the invitation.  The invitation will most definitely tell you if this is going to be more of a formal occasion or an informal occasion.  You’ll know whether you should be well groomed (trim that beard!) and well attired.

Many people still want the formality of an indoor wedding, even at the beach, so pay attention to the wording and the feel of the invitation.

If you sense that the invitation is for a more formal look then you have a couple of choices, always remembering that you will still be dealing with the elements.   Here are some formal beach wedding wear suggestions:

                Formal Women’s Attire for a Beach Wedding

The Knot – a popular wedding website – suggests wearing a more formal sundress and flat sandals, while Ann Taylor suggests wearing a formal fabric and a long ankle length dress    with flat sand- friendly sandals.   It is most commonly suggested that you stay away from a white or off-white dress so you will not be confused with the bride.


               Formal Men’s Attire for a Beach Wedding

A man’s favorite source for all things stylish is GQ magazine.  GQ suggests a lightweight Khaki suit with dark sandals or sneakers.  Yes, even the right kind of sandals and sneakers will fly at a beach wedding.

If you find the invitation has more a casual feel, then you have a little bit more latitude in what you can wear.

               Casual Women’s Attire for a Beach Wedding

While swimsuits are always a no-no, even for casual attire, suggests a colorful, lightweight,  knee-length or right above the knee-length dress as a beach wedding  favorite.  Pair this with some colorful jewelry and again flat sandals or a wedge sandal and you are good to go.  When dressing formally or casually, it is a good idea to bring a wrap, of  some kind, to keep the chill at bay when the sun goes down. If you are looking to get a head in your tanning then you may want to check out Turn Me Dark for some great tanning tips.

              Casual Men’s Attire for a Beach Wedding

Men, once again, you do not want to be sweating in a heavy suit and tie on the beach, but you, too do not have permission to wear your favorite swimming suit to the wedding ceremony. For the casual look, TLC recommends a lightweight suit or you can opt for a nice lightweight shirt and pants or in some cases shorts.  Casual or not, this is not the time to break out your Jimmy Buffett Margarita Ville shirt – save it for your next pool  party at home.

So whether you’ve been invited to a formal beach wedding or casual beach soiree, always keep it crisp, cool and classy.  When you look at your attire through that lens, you can’t go wrong.

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