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Unique and Affordable Wedding Ideas

When it comes to weddings, we have a short list of must haves for our big day. These are, plainly speaking, based on centuries of tradition. Namely, I’m referring chiefly to the white, veiled bridal gown, the black tuxedo of the groom, a diamond ring for the bride, etc. However, more and more people these days want to forego tradition, and the costs associated with it, in order to forge their own marital path. And, more power to them, I say...

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It’s a Beach Wedding! What Should I Wear?

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Destination weddings are becoming an incredibly popular phenomenon.  Families and friends all arrive at an exotic location to participate in the celebration of two becoming one.  Obviously a wedding at the beach would be one of the more popular and distinct choices for this type of festivity.  The sand, the sun, and the setting all lends itself to a beautiful backdrop for such a joyous occasion.  The decision then becomes, what to wear to a wedding at the beach...

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The Different Names For Golf Clubs

If you’re planning to play golf while in the Cayman Islands, let this quick guide explain some of the terminology.

There are many different types, sizes, weights and make of golf clubs which in turn are used for specific fairway areas or putting greens. There are hindrances and challenges all over the course so it is necessary to use a club which will help the player overcome these conditions...

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